An email from Bruce Conkle


Teaching is wonderful but has many pitfalls, and the administrations here also often seem to be working towards some other end than education. It is frustrating and the trend only seems to be picking up speed, although that might only be my perspective. Top heavy institutions with so many administrators that the body cannot stand up straight or move in an efficient manner. Sort of like a bobble-head. I am teaching 5 classes this term/semester at 2 colleges now, and the workload is more than I am good at dealing with.      

Lately I have not been in my studio that much, although I have been getting very good at keeping a sketchbook with me and drawing more. And these sketchbook drawings have been teaching me that I can draw whatever interests me, not just what I think I should be making art about or what others think my art should be about. Of course some of the drawings are me working ideas about future drawings/paintings/sculptures, but I make also lots of drawings of something I find interesting to look at, or random thoughts. And also it has taught me once again that art is not always precious. That not all work is created to be framed or put on a pedestal and exhibited, and I have really been enjoying a freedom that comes with this.

I traveled a bit over the winter holiday and kept a sketchbook with me at all times pretty much, and have been toting one around since.(Now that I say all this, I have had this image reproduced and I am glad to show it as well… ) I watched The Mummy with Boris Karloff on my last day in Cairo, and did these drawings after my return. Notice he has 3 ears. The first one I drew seemed to be in the wrong place when I got back to that side of the drawing, so I added another and like the way it looked so kept them all…The colorful bits on the ticket stubs were my interpretation of hologram imprints.

OK, I need to run…

Bruce Conkle, artist & teacher